Five Things One Should Have to be an Arms Dealer

Starting a career like this isn't for the faint of heart, nor is it something that happens on purpose. Generally I've found that most people are in my business because of fate.

Navigating how to become an arms dealer is a path that is fraught with challenges and obstacles.  The bureaucracy involved will seem never ending and will cost you time and money.  

Some years ago, one of my children’s mates discovered my job and asked if I would give him some advice on how to get into the business.  My advice; “stay out of this business and get yourself a normal job.”

I tell everyone who asks me how I got into this business that it was by accident.  I certainly didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an arms dealer.  It’s just something that happened to me one day.

After a few decades of doing this I’ve figured out the things that have help make me survive this lifestyle.

Here are the five things I would recommend before embarking on this career path.

surround yourself with people you trust, it is the only way to survive this business

Find yourself a good therapist. there will a lot of things which happen in your job that you won’t want to share with your family.

Find a mentor. The rules for this business are very old. The wisdom of age is important.

Be Patient. the typical time for anything to happen is measured in years.

Have money. (or access to money). to win a million dollar contract, you need a million dollars.